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The leading supplier of Safety Route Notes in the UK and Ireland. Follow this link for more information about our various systems, the technology and the latest updates about Patterson Pacenotes.


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Coralba has for over 25 years produced high-quality rally computers that are easy to use and install. They were developed together with WRC teams to meet the extreme demands of top-level rally competing. Still today, Coralba has the most advanced rally computers generally available for serious rally teams.

About Us - Patterson Pacenotes

Fresh portfolio of designs that will keep you wanting more.

    Patterson Pacenotes are the most widely used route note supplier within the UK and Ireland. Notes can be ordered through our on-line ordering facility available through the navigation bar. In the Patterson Pacenotes section, we have also included a pictorial page detailing all our various systems and a page on our Safety DVD. If you need any advice on the use of route/safety/pace notes please feel free to get in touch and any member of our staff who will be happy to help.

    How it Works.

    Following the COVID Pandemic, all notes have to be ordered in advance. The most popular method of ordering is through our online facility.

    If the event you are competing on isn't listed, it may be a little early for the information to be finalised. We post out about 7-10 days before the event, allowing the competitor ample time to become familiar with their notes and also giving time to watch the safety DVD if it is available. Always keep this in mind with regard to postage times etc, as the notes are not available at the event.

    For Events in Ireland and Northern Ireland, only the Numbers, Descriptive and 6 Fastest Number First systems are standard and as a rule, will no longer be available at signing on due to the latest COVID regulations. Notes will now need to be ordered in advance, online, at least one week in advance of the event.

    In 2012 after many years of cooperation and collaboration, Patterson PaceNotes and Jemba (Sweden) reached an agreement to implement the Jemba Inertia PaceNote system in conjunction with Patterson PaceNotes. Over time both parties have worked together to achieve the highest standard of integration, which in short, will mean more accuracy and be equally balanced with the fine-tuning of the more traditional Patterson system. It is, and continues to be a complicated union but satisfying for both parties to be at the forefront of the rallying world in both the UK and Ireland.

    The accuracy which the Jemba inertia system delivers in its measuring capabilities is unquestionable. This, along with the experience and investment of the Patterson Pacenote Team, puts us in a position that will give any competitor, in any situation, total confidence based on accuracy and experience.

    Consequently, you may notice a few tweaks in the notes, such as ‘1/2 long’, and ‘neat’ etc. As explained on the cover sheet.

    Overall we are striving to achieve an even more accurate, as well as safe result. However, the notes are basically still our own system.

    Once again for 2021, we intend to improve our system even further and to provide the most accurate and consistent notes for our competitors. We are proud to offer Professional Pacenotes by Professional People.
    If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to contact us.

    The Patterson Pacenote Team.

We have used Patterson Pacenotes for many years. I have to say they have saved my skin more times than I care to remember. They are the model of consistency that are always accurate while fast but always safe. The absolute best.

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