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Galway International Rally
RALLY NEWS No.5 - Service near Headford - Sunday @ 15:54:40

RALLY NEWS NO.5 Service/Near Headford/Sunday

1st (1) Tim McNulty/Paul Kiely (Impreza WRC) 45.02.8
2nd (6) Darren Gass/Enda Sherry (Impreza WRC) 45.25.1
3rd (4) Eugene Donnelly/Paddy Toner (Mini WRC) 45.47.9
4th (7) Garry Jennings/Rory Kennedy (Lancer N) 46.13.6
5th (5) Daragh O'Riordan/Tony McDaid (Impreza WRC) 46.39.6
6th (3) Derek McGarrity/James McKee (Impreza WRC) 46.48.0
7th (11) Thomas Fitzmaurice/Fionn Foley (Impreza WRC) 46.51.6
8th (14) Sam Moffett/James O'Reilly (Lancer N) 47.07.5
9th (12) Donagh Kelly/Kevin Flanagan (Lancer N) 47.32.5
10th (16) Josh Moffett/Domhnall Lennon (Lancer N) 48.10.4

1st (15) Tom Flaherty/Patrick Curley (Escort) 47.58.6
2nd (19) Declan & Brian Boyle (Escort) 48.09.7
3rd (28) John Hendy/Alan White (Corolla TC) 48.20.4
4th (31) Tom Cahill/Philip Conneely (Lancer) 49.13.5
5th (45) Arthur & Mac Kierans (Escort) 49.16.6
6th (26) Pat & Jonathan Kelly (Impreza) 49.32.7

Through stage 7, Kilcoona, Eugene Donnelly set a fastest time, 6s up on Darren Gass with Thomas Fitzmaurice 3rd fastest, Garry Jennings 4th fastest and then it was Tim McNulty 5th fastest, a full 20s slower than Donnelly. When the cars reached service rally leader McNulty explained that it was the chicane after the village in the Caherlistrane stage that did the damage. First time through the stage the chicane was relatively open, but the 2nd time through the fourth bale in the line was in a very tight position. The Subaru bounced off the bales damaging the suspension and steering on the left front, and leaving 2 huge dents in the doors on the right. This left Tim struggling somewhat through stage 7. He still has a comfortable lead but with 3 stages remaining it is still all to play for.

Donnelly’s Mini WRC also suffered a puncture in stage 6, but in a different place. Eugene said it was over a big crest into a very slight right and left. He continued. "I knew the place and had it well marked in the notes but clipped a stone. The Mini is wider than a Subaru and way wider than the Corolla although that is no excuse. I am still learning and had a good steady run in stage 7. With having the puncture it was hard to push and I stayed on the safe side. The wee car is performing very well”. Darren Gass is doing a brilliant job in his older model Subaru to keep pace with these top drivers and he has his fingers crossed that he can have a good run to the finish.

Gareth MacHale’s retirement was reportedly down to his Focus incurring 2 punctures in stage 5 which meant that he couldn’t really start stage 6. Garry Jennings produced a superb time through stage 7 to continue his lead in Group N. Sam Moffett holds 2nd GpN although he admits to a middling run through stage 7 where Donagh Kelly was 5s faster. Donagh did have a very big moment at the chicane in SS6. Donagh is changing on to a heavily cut slick for the last loop to counteract the greasy roads.

Both Daragh O’Riordan and Derek McGarrity are struggling a little with their Impreza WRC S14s. Daragh told us. “The car is set up for smooth European roads and there is not enough height in the dampers. Otherwise the car is brilliant and I’m not too disheartened as I didn’t expect to be competitive in the car as I didn’t really see it until last night”. Derek McGarrity lost time in stage 6 when he caught Donnelly’s Mini WRC that was struggling of course with a puncture at that point. Then in stage 7 McGarrity cut just a little tight on a fast right hander, damaged a rim, and also then had a slow puncture.

More news later: BRIAN & LIZ PATTERSON www.rallynews.net

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