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Pirelli Rally 2008
RALLY NEWS No.5 - After SS7 - Tuesday @ 17:14:35
RALLY NEWS NO.5 Airfield Service/Saturday 1.30

1st (1) Guy Wilks/Phil Pugh (Lancer N) 42.51.9
2nd (3) Juho Hanninen/Mikko Markkula (Lancer N) 43.38.7
3rd (2) Mark Higgins/Rory Kennedy (MG S2000) 43.43.8
4TH (6) Phillip Morrow/Daniel Barrett (Lancer N) 44.21.3
5th (4) David Higgins/Ieuan Thomas (Impreza N) 44.26.2
6th (5) Patrik Flodin/Goran Bergsten (Impreza N) 44.36.7
7th (7) Stuart Jones/Andy Bull (MG S2000 45.31.9
8th (8) Eyvind Brynildsen/Maria Andersson (Lancer N) 46.10.0
9th (16) James Wozencroft/Chris Ridge (Impreza N) 46.19.8
10th (15) Jonny Greer/Jonny Hart (Lancer N) 46.26.8

Guy Wilks was fastest through the Friday evening stages but this morning through stages 5 and 7 (stage 6 was cancelled) it was Phillip Morrow who was quickest in the sister Mitsubishi to Wilks. Guy said here at service. “I’m losing the back end a little, drifting off line”. He went on to say that he thought it was the Historics were taking a different line through the corners and he was having to clean away loose gravel. Phillip Morrow he told us. “The high speed stages suit me today, we are just doing our own thing”. When we referred to Guy Wilks’ comment about the gravel, Phillip continued. “I just throw caution to the wind in places, always wanting to steal a bit more road, cutting in. It’s good that I can see a bit today I really struggled with the left hand drive last night in the dark, and the gear stick coming off didn’t help. Whenever we finished last night I concentrated on clearing my head”.

Juho Hanninen in 2nd place spun his Lancer in stage 7, the Finnish driver saying. “It was 5th gear maximum speed, lucky to stay on the road. It is nice it is not raining now this is good experience for me”. Mark Higgins in 3rd place told us. “It was very fast this morning, probably doesn’t suit our car so well as the tighter stuff last night. There wasn’t a lot left to be honest this morning, but it is such a rewarding car and we are improving it all the time, moving in the right direction”. David Higgins, relegated to 5th by the hard charging Phillip Morrow, said. “I’m struggling a bit, the car wants to follow the camber and I can’t keep it on the line. I’m trying to cut everywhere. We will try some tweaks now, but I am out-braking myself, the car feels very heavy”. Patrik Flodin in 6th place said. “It was really good this morning, much easier to drive today”.

Further stories included: Stuart Jones feeling that his confidence is growing, that he is making small changes to his MG S2000 and it is good to have Mark Higgins in the same type of car, that Mark is not hiding any information. Simon Jean-Joseph has had a good run this morning in the new C2R2 Max, no problems. Adam Gould clipped both sides of his Clio against a bridge, one back suspension arm seems to be bent.

Danny Barry moved up a couple of places this morning, said he had a brilliant run. Nathan O’Connor in the Citroen C2R2 had a double puncture last night, running in Super Rally today. Martin McCormack is also running in Super Rally having changed the gearbox overnight on his C2R2. Marty is turning in some superb times today, 28s on one stage and 32s on another faster than the next C2R2.

More news later: BRIAN & LIZ PATTERSON www.rallynews.net

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