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Manx International Rally
RALLY NEWS No.2 - After SS2 - Monday @ 16:33:49

RALLY NEWS NO.2 End of stage 1 Martine/Thursday 8pm

1st (1) Eamonn Boland/Damien Morrissey (Impreza WRC) 4.30.7
2nd (3) Guy Wilks/David Moynihan (Lancer N) 4.32.9
3rd (4) Mark Higgins/Rory Kennedy (Impreza N) 4.33.1
4th (7) Stuart Jones/Andy Bull (MG S2000) 4.40.2
5th (5) David Higgins/Ieuan Thomas (Impreza N) 4.43.6
6th (6) Phillip Morrow/Daniel Barritt (Lancer N) 4.44.7
7th Guy Woodcock: 8th Jonny Greer: 9th Wyn Humphreys: 10th John McGlaughlin

The leading cars got dry roads through the opening stage, the Marine road along the cliff top outside Douglas, but then from about car 15 onwards light rain started to sweep up the stage making it more difficult for the drivers.

1st (3) Guy Wilks/David Moynihan (Lancer N) 5.55.6
2nd (4) Mark Higgins/Rory Kennedy (Impreza N) 6.01.4
3rd (1) Eamonn Boland/Damien Morrissey (Impreza WRC) 6.04.8
4th (7) Stuart Jones/Andy Bull (MG S2000) 6.09.6
5th (6) Phillip Morrow/Daniel Barritt (Lancer N) 6.13.8
6th (5) David Higgins/Ieuan Thomas (Impreza N) 6.14.6
7th (17) Guy Woodcock/John Skinner (Escort Maxi) 6.22.9
8th (15) John McGlaughlin/Damien Connolly (Lancer N) 6.29.4
9th (12) Jonny Greer/Jonny Hart (Lancer N) 6.29.8
10th (9) Darren Gass/Neil Shanks (Lancer N) 6.30.4

On the way into stage 2 at Castletown Eamonn Boland incurred a 10s penalty which relegated him then to 3rd place. Guy Wilks was quickest through the stage with Boland 2nd fastest and Mark Higgins 3rd quickest but over 5s slower than Wilks. Interestingly, there is a Breitling watch as a prize for the fastest aggregate time through the Castletown stage tonight, courtesy of Wilkins the Jewellers in Douglas.

Some of the comments from the drivers included: Guy Wilks said. “Just getting back into it”. Mark Higgins told of a bit of understeer in his Impreza. David Higgins backed off early at the flying finish of stage 1 which must have cost a few seconds. David also talked of the changing rip on that opening stage. Phillip Morrow said he was just trying to get back up to speed. Leading Irish Tarmac GpN driver Kevin Kelleher said he didn’t trust his Lancer through the stage, that there was a lot more grip than he thought. James Wozencroft felt that he could have made his notes faster, that he didn’t take into account enough the wide roads. Jonny Greer felt it was tricky getting the braking points pinpointed as the stage was so fast.

Shaun Fox’s Corsa blew its engine on the last hairpin right round the bale before the finish of stage 1 and although he got to the stage finish the engine sounded completely wrecked. Swedish driver Andreas Sjolander recorded a time of 5.06.8 in his Fiesta, just a tiny fraction faster than Adam Gould in his Clio Ragnotti. Both are running in class R2. Fastest of the early runners in that class R2 was Nigel Cannell, his Corsa sporting licks of flame from the brakes at the stop line of stage 1.

Huw Evans in his new Impreza N14 described that opening stage as “very hairy, like rallying down the motorways of Kuwait!” Jody Patterson in the rallynews.net Lancer felt that he was very rusty on that opening stage, still had a ball, although found the roads pretty greasy as by the time he went through there was quite a heavy mizzle falling.
More news to follow: BRIAN & LIZ PATTERSON www.rallynews.net


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