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ALMC Rally 2008
RALLY NEWS No.5 - Service After SS6 - Tuesday @ 16:31:10

RALLY NEWS NO.5 Service/Duleek/Sunday 3.30

1st (3) Kevin Lynch/Francis Regan (Impreza WRC) 34.44
2nd (2) Kenny McKinstry/Noel Orr (Impreza WRC) 35.36
3rd (20) Colm Murphy/Brian Duggan (Lancer N) 35.57
4th (32) Damien Tourish/Domhnall McAlaney (Lancer N) 36.58
5th (5) Mark Courtney/Mick Courtney (Celica) 37.00
6th (6) Tom Holton/Francis Kenny (Celica) 37.09
7th (7) Pat Donegan/Sean Hayde (Escort) 37.15
8th (17) Trevor Mulligan/Lisa Roe (Escort) 37.17
9th (8) Maurice Moffett/Enda Sherry (Starlet rwd) 37.30
10th (15) Owen Murphy/James O'Brien (Lancer N) 37.39

The top few drivers are on such a pace now that they are starting to beat the “bogey” time through the special stages and Kevin Lynch is fastest of all through every stage. Dungiven contractor Kevin told us that his only real problem over the last couple of stages is that the rear tyres went off. Kenny McKinstry reported a real good run and no more funny noises out of his Subaru. Third placed Colm Murphy remarked that he is still doing some adjustments to the set up of his Lancer, that the car is a little bit giddy at time and over some of the jumps it would “clinch your backside!”.

Paddy White is continuing to nurse the clutch on his Focus WRC and considering that his times are pretty good. Owen Murphy still has the intermittent misfire on his Lancer and Damien Tourish still has some brake troubles. At least they are better off than Brendan Cumiskey who smashed the front of his Lancer when the intercom broke on a downhill section into a square left and he crashed into the scenery giving the car a right thump at the front which damaged the radiator. He made it here to service but it was a real struggle.

Tom Holton was another to go off on a square left, except his excursion was at a junction and the only damage was to his stage time and the organisers coloured tape. Tom’s indiscretion allowed Mark Courtney to inch ahead in his similar Celica. John Stone punctured a front right tyre on his Metro 6R4 and borrowed a narrow rim and tyre to get through stage 6. We reported on the last RallyNews that Emma McKinstry had put here Subaru into a ditch on stage 4. On stage 5 she then hit a bank and lost a further few seconds, again with no great damage. Adrian Quinn reported a major moment at a jump over junction which he tried to take flat out in stage 6. He got away with it but only just. Tom Curley reported his tyres going off as the ambient temperature soared. Jim Feehan was slowed through the last couple of stages when his Escort Cosworth developed a misfire. Christopher Kelly has retired his Nova following engine problems. Darren Caldwell’s Lancer was reportedly pulled in on a road section.

Just outside the top 10 John Stone holds 11th place in his Metro 6R4 with Mark Jasper in a similar 6R4 12th. Paddy White is a couple of seconds back from Jasper then next up is Paul Kiely. Paul had been in the top 10 but seemed to lose momentum through stages 4, 5 and 6, maybe down to tyre choice.

More news later: BRIAN & LIZ PATTERSON www.rallynews.net


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