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ALMC Rally 2008
RALLY NEWS No.6 - Finish After SS9 - Tuesday @ 16:31:38

RALLY NEWS NO.6 Finish/Sunday 6.50

1st (3) Kevin Lynch/Francis Regan (Impreza WRC) 56.36
2ND (2) Kenny McKinstry/Noel Orr (Impreza WRC) 57.42
3rd (5) Mark Courtney/Mick Courtney (Celica) 59.20
4th (6) Tom Holton/Francis Kenny (Celica) 59.36
5th (32) Damien Tourish/Domhnall McAlaney (Lancer N) 59.40
6th (17) Trevor Mulligan/Lisa Roe (Escort) 59.56
7th (15) Owen Murphy/James O'Brien (Lancer N) 1.00.16
8th (9) Mark Jasper/Don Whyatt (Metro 6R4) 1.00.37
9th (22) Fergal Costello/Shane Gilhooley (Lancer N) 1.01.09
10th (21) Brendan Cumiskey/Conor Foley (Lancer N) 1.01.24

Kevin Lynch was fastest on just about every stage today to score a very memorable victory in his Subaru Impreza WRC S12B with Kenny McKinstry/Noel Orr 2nd in their slightly older model Subaru. Mark Courtney and Tom Holton had a real nip and tuck battle for 3rd place with Mark just getting his nose in front towards the end. Damien Tourish has scored a fine group N and Evo Challenge win here today although the overall points are still topped by Alan Carmichael.

When Kevin Lynch and his co driver Francis Regan brought their Subaru into the finish Kevin commented. “It was a good day but not easy. We kept up a good pace in the slippy conditions and got a good set up with the new car which seems very capable”. Kenny McKinstry, whose front bumper was showing scars of contact with the road, said. “We came over a big jump on the last stage about 10 miles an hour faster than the first two times and the car was right up on its nose. Overall it was a very good day, brilliant in fact”.

Damien Tourish said at the end that he decided not to go for 3rd place overall, to steady back and concentrate on the Evo Challenge. Owen Murphy is 2nd in the Evo Challenge today despite problems with the ECU on his Lancer. Fergal Costello was 3rd Group N and 3rd Evo Challenge. Brendan Cumiskey survived his earlier accident to tie for 4th with Alan Carmichael, Brendan getting the nod for being faster of the two on the final stage. Mark Courtney was nip and tuck through the afternoon stages with Tom Holton, both in Celicas. Tom Holton said it was one of his best day’s rallying ever despite an overshoot earlier which possibly cost him 3rd place. Tom was one of the drivers caught in the rain in stage 7 and had pure slick dry weather tyres fitted to his Toyota, but cut some grooves in the tyres with a penknife!

Trevor Mulligan had a brilliant run to win the 2 wheel drive honours in his Escort, his co driver Lisa Roe said he was magic in the car and this was first 2 wheel drive victory. Pat Donegal looked as if he was going to take the honours but his Escort retired with a broken drive shaft on the last stage. Maurice Moffett was also right in the 2 wheel drive hunt but his Starlet succumbed to differential failure on stage 7. Stage 7 also accounted for Colm Murphy/Brian Duggan when their Lancer suffered differential failure and then Colm crashed into a wall on a very difficult junction on stage 8. There was torrential rain on that 7th stage which caught several drivers out. One man who retired was last year’s winner Paddy White who was on the wrong tyres for the conditions. John Stone retired his Metro 6R4 with mechanical troubles on stage 9. Emma McKinstry brought here Subaru into 13th place. Billy O’Keefe was 14th and was 2nd in class 8 in his group A Lancer. James Cassidy was 15th and won class 12. Peter Wilson 17th and won class 11. Damien Hagan won class 13. Eugene Meegan won class 7. Barry Evans won class 6 from Killian Duffy.

Finally for now well done to John Carroll and all the ALMC team for a great day’s rallying and our thanks to all who helped and supported the RallyNews service.
BRIAN & LIZ PATTERSON www.rallynews.net


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