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RBS Int Manx National Rally 2008
RALLY NEWS No.3 - STAGE 5 Slieau Dhoo - Thursday @ 15:19:53
WEE MANX TALES NO.3 Grandstand/Douglas/Friday 10.30

1st (3) Melvyn Evans/Sean Mullally (Impreza WRC) 30.38.4
2nd (1) Kenny McKinstry/Noel Orr (Impreza WRC) 30.52.9
3rd (6) Marcus Dodd/Andrew Bargery (Accent WRC) 31.00.3
4th (2) Roger Duckworth/Mark Broomfield (Impreza WRC) 31.23.7
5th (24) Richard Cathcart/Martin Brady (Lancer N) 31.28.0
6th (11) David Kynaston/Andy Russell (Audi A3) 31.45.2
7th (45) Keith Cronin/Greg Shinnors (Lancer N) 32.03.9
8TH (4) Jon Ingram/Ian Allsop (Impreza WRC) 32.04.9
9th (8) David Mann/Alun Cook (Impreza WRC) 32.14.0
10th (7) Stephen Moore/Tony McHugh (Focus WRC) 32.31.5
11th (15) Rob Watson/Bruce Craig (Nova) 32.34.4
12th (17) Neil McCance/Graham Hopewell (Lancer N) 32.38.1

Melvyn Evans turned in a stunning time on stage 2 to open an advantage over Kenny McKinstry and then over the next 3 stages Kenny kept the Welshman in check and indeed Marcus Dodd was then fastest through stage 5, to also stay in the picture. When Melvyn Evans brought his Subaru into the control here at the Grandstand his co-driver Sean Mullally said. “I was a little disappointed in that last stage, in the time, but we did have a bit of a moment. Overall though we are still bedding in, there’s more left and my eyesight wouldn’t be that great in the dark”. Kenny McKinstry said. “A speed sensor seemed to have gone over the last few stages, which controls the turbo boost, takes a bit of power off. We will probably replace the turbo now”. When Kenny was quizzed about the speed tonight he said. “I was a bit surprised at Melvyn’s time on that 2nd stage because we had a great run”. Kenny replied when asked about Melvyn’s performance, did he have an answer? He said. “We will see!” McKinstry’s co-driver Noel Orr also told us “We had good fun tonight, Kenny drove well. It was a flat light, neither one or the other, dark or bright, quite difficult. Tomorrow is another day”.

Marcus Dodd observed about his fastest time on stage 5. “Really surprising. I thought before the stage I would go gently, just try and get through. Overall tonight went well”. Fourth placed Roger Duckworth felt that he was still very rusty this evening after his 7 month layoff and he was also trying different tyres. Richard Cathcart, 5th overall, and leading Group N and highest placed of the Evo Challenge contenders overnight, said that he wasn’t flat out, minding the gearbox, had a good recce and looking out for the bad places. It is interesting that Richard has never rallied on the Isle of Man before which makes his performance all the more creditable. David Kynaston rounds off the top 6 in his Audi, and he told us. “We had a few problems with the handbrake, wouldn’t work properly and we had to reverse at some of the hairpins, otherwise we had a steady run. We hit a pheasant but there wasn’t much left of it, although it’s out of season anyway. I went shooting at Christmas and never hit a thing all day”. Stephen Moore had no real problems tonight but made his usual lethargic start and then got the finger out as the evening progressed. Keith Cronin turned in some pretty stunning times this evening, from his seeding of 45 he is now lying 7th o/a and 2nd GpN. Neil McCance is 3rd GpN, Neil resigned to letting the young tigers in front have their head.

Further stories this evening included: Jon Ingram lost around 25s on stage 5 when an electrical problem activated by gear change slowed his Subaru. David Mann said he didn’t have a great night, one puncture, one broken wheel, running with one intermediate and three slick tyres and the map light hanging off all cost time. Steve Perez found his VK Focus WRC stalling on square junctions and also at the start line of stage 5 it stalled again and then the car switched itself into stage mode, so instead of getting better it all seemed to be going backwards. Steve Fleck slowed and lost time avoiding a hare in stage 3. John Price had a good run, no problems at all and considering the age of the Metro 12th overnight is not to be sneezed at.

Rob Watson was slowed at Glasgow Chapel when he caught up with Julian Reynolds’ struggling Subaru but otherwise had a good run and the little Nova, just built before the rally, is getting better by the stage as Rob adjusts the suspension. Adam Clews retired his Puma Kit Car with a broken drive shaft. Mark Cubbins retired with a blown engine on stage 4. Paul Curphey also retired his Lancer with broken suspension. Wayne Sisson is running the standard brakes on his Lancer and felt he could have done with the big asphalt brakes. His co driver Daniel Stone said. “It certainly feels fast enough over on this side”. Danny Barry limped through stage 5, the rear differential damaged on his Lancer. Stephen Petch lost time when his tyres went off the boil and also had a big sideways moment in stage 5. Julian Reynolds has lost a mountain of time his Subaru breaking a succession of drive shafts. John Cope was slowed with falling differential pressure on his Impreza.
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