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Circuit of Munster
RALLY NEWS No.3 - End of SS3 - Sunday @ 11:44:00

RALLY NEWS NO.3 Service/Ballinvullen/Sunday 11.40
1st (1) Patrick Elliott/Paul Goodman (Impreza WRC) 26.08
2nd (2) Niall Maguire/Enda Sherry (Impreza WRC) 26.18
3rd (3) Kevin Barrett/Sean Mullally (Impreza WRC) 27.05
4th (9) Garry Jennings/David Moynihan (Lancer N) 27.27
5th (5) Kevin & Martin Kelleher (Lancer N) 27.33
6th (11) Mike Quinn/Grainne McEnery (Escort) 27.37
7th (7) Eamonn Daly/Anthony O'Connaill (Lancer N) 27.41
8th (12) Trevor & Kenny Bustard (Lancer N) 27.56
9th (15) Paul Purtill/David Lyons (Escort) 28.14
10th (14) Ed Synan/Denis O'Connell (Escort) 28.34

The above times are from the first few cars only. We were expecting Gary Reidy/Diarmuid Falvey into service but no sign as yet and there is a bit of a gap. News just coming in on Gary Reidy is that he has put his Escort into a ditch and may have hurt his ribs and an ambulance has gone into the stage.

Out at the front of the rally Niall Maguire was fastest through stage 3 but Patrick Elliott still leads overall by 10s. National Champion Patrick reported that his Subaru has stalled again in stage 3 and he commented. “There could be something wrong with the start control set up”. Niall Maguire felt that his tyres went off towards the end of stage 3 and also that he had a stall in stage 2. Kevin Barrett was another one to report his tyres going off the boil although it is hardly surprising in today’s soaring temperatures and melting tar.

Sean Gallagher/Anthony Nestor should have be in after Kevin Barrett but Sean’s Subaru is reportedly stopped in stage 3 with smoke coming out of the exhaust which doesn’t sound too good.

Garry Jennings has been the fastest group N so far despite the fire extinguishers being set off at scrutiny yesterday necessitating a change of ECU> Garry commented here at service in control. “The car feels dead going uphill, goes like stink downhill, probably as much down to the hot weather”. (Garry did not actually use the word “stink” he used another word beginning with F which we can’t spell). Kevin Kelleher is 2nd in group N so far and Kevin said that his Lancer brake pedal was getting very spongy towards the end of stage 3 and the brakes were making strange noises. Eamonn Daly is 3rd in GpN and he said that he is starting to get the feel of the new set up on his Lancer.

Mike Quinn appears to have started another of his giant killing episodes with fastest Mk2 times through stages 2 and 3. (Mike along with 20 or so other drivers did not get doing stage 1 because of Anthony O’Halloran’s accident). Mike felt that his Escort brakes were “going off” towards the end of stage 3 which is hardly surprising considering the speed he must be going at.
Thomas Fitzmaurice who leads the GpN section of the National Championship, had middle of the road times through stages 2 and 3 and the Tralee man said. “We had a bad old spin on the 2nd stage. Anthony O’Halloran’s accident put us off a bit earlier and whether it s the heat or not, I’m just not having a good day”. Thomas’ total is 28.30 and Sean Flanagan is on 28.45, Sean slowed with a spin when his hired Lancer careered into a farmyard. More news later: BRIAN & LIZ PATTERSON www.rallynews.net

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