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Circuit of Munster
RALLY NEWS No.5 - End of SS6 - Sunday @ 14:28:38

RALLY NEWS NO.5 Service/Sunday 1.30

1st (1) Patrick Elliott/Paul Goodman (Impreza WRC) 52.12
2nd (2) Niall Maguire/Enda Sherry (Impreza WRC) 52.23
3rd (3) Kevin Barrett/Sean Mullally (Impreza WRC) 52.55
4th (5) Kevin & Martin Kelleher (Lancer N) 54.44
5th (9) Garry Jennings/David Moynihan (Lancer N) 54.55
6th (7) Eamonn Daly/Anthony O'Connaill (Lancer N) 55.19
7th (12) Trevor & Kenny Bustard (Lancer N) 55.57
8th (8) Thomas Fitzmaurice/Fionn Foley (Lancer N) 56.55
9th (14) Ed Synan/Denis O'Connell (Escort) 57.17
10th (20) Aidan Walsh/Jim Casey (Escort) 57.33

Niall Maguire was fastest through stage 6, Ballagh, by 1s from Patrick Elliott with Kevin Barrett a further 17s in arrears. When Paul Goodman emerged from the Elliott Subaru here at service in control he said. “We’re sucking diesel now, we were on the door handles”. Patrick Elliott told us. “Yes, that felt fairly good. I’m starting off easy with the anti lag turned off, get the car moving, and then switch the anti lag on. It is costing me 4 or 5s but it’s worth it so that I’m not losing time stalling at hairpins”. Niall Maguire recounted a stall in both stages 4 and 5 but said he had a good run through stage 6. Kevin Barrett looked slightly downcast at his stage time and said. “I just don’t know where we lost that time”.

In Group N Kevin Kelleher maintains his lead although Garry Jennings was the faster of the two through stage 6 to close the gap for the GpN lead to just 1s. Kelleher said. “We put new brakes on front and back for that loop and it made a big difference”. Garry Jennings seemed to have a poor time through stage 5 and when we asked him what the score was he said. “I put a front wheel in the sheugh and the vibration was so bad I couldn’t drive her. The whole dash was shaking out of her”. Eamonn Daly is now 3rd in group N, still not a lot in it but he is 24s behind Jennings and the tyre man told us. “I dragged the clutch at the start of stage 5 and it has damaged it. I had to switch the anti lag off and just go easy”. Trevor Bustard is 7th o/a and 4th GpN, the Donegal man well on the pace through stages 4 and 5 but his time dropped off in stage 6 and he is at a loss to understand why.

Sean Flanagan had been 10th o/a and then slipped to 11th but was still in the GpN picture but his Lancer has not emerged from stage 6. We have had a text from his co driver Brian Duggan which reads. “Out stage 6. Slid wide on a slow square right and beached, no damage”.

Ed Synan continues to lead the 2 wheel drive category as well as class 13 with Aidan Walsh one place behind Synan but 16s back. Aidan’s Escort sounded a tad rough when he came into service and he confirmed that the manifold had broken in stage 6 at the same spot where Gary Reidy put his Escort off the road. Peter Cummins has been forced to retired his Darrian following electrical problems. Mark Kane is still well up the order despite worries over a drive shaft on his Citroen.

More news later: BRIAN & LIZ PATTERSON www.rallynews.net

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