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RALLY NEWS No.3 - After stage 3 - Saturday @ 11:19:50

RALLY NEWS NO.3 Loughguile Service/Saturday

1st (2) Kenny McKinstry/Noel Orr (Impreza WRC) 13.05
2nd (1) Derek McGarrity/James McKee (Corolla WRC) 13.16
(3) Alastair Fisher/Barry McNulty (Lancer N) 13.16
4th (4) Jonny Greer/Kirsty Riddick (Lancer N) 13.17
5th (7) Neil McCance/Sean Ferris (Lancer N) 13.29
6th (6) Raymond Johnston/Rodney Hicks (Lancer N) 13.41
7th (18) James Murphy/Anthony Nestor (Escort WRC) 13.43
8th (8) Damien Tourish/James McNulty (Lancer N) 13.44
9th (20) Enda McNulty/Ronan O'Kane (Impreza N) 13.47
10th (11) John McKeown/Tommy Speers (Escort WRC) 13.55

Derek McGarrity may have made a relatively tentative start to this Townparks Rally but he is certainly getting the finger out now and has set fastest time over the Ballypatrick stage. He was only 2s quicker than Kenny McKinstry and Jonny Greet but every second could count before the day is out. Kenny’s lead was 14s after stage 1, he dropped 1s to McGarrity in stage 2 and now he has dropped another 2s. Alastair Fisher was 2nd fastest on the opening stage and equal fastest on the second but on the high speed slippy tarmac right hander at the end of Ballypatrick his Lancer slithered into a ditch. He only lost a couple of seconds and the body work damage appears superficial but there is a clunking and screeching noise from the front left corner of his Mitsubishi.

McGarrity said at stage finish. “Yes I had a good run but it is very slippy over the tarmac in there”. Raymond Johnston felt that his Lancer was down on power although it is showing one and a half bars of turbo boost. Also in engine trouble is Trevor Moore. His Escort is dropping off cylinders. Trevor reckons it could be the coil packs but he has no spares and will have to wait until service to see if he can borrow one.

Phillip Hunter was the fastest 2wd through stage 3 Ballypatrick. Remarkably Phillip said he is just driving round as he already has the Historic part of the championship won. Cork man James Murphy reckons he dropped 8s at the start of Ballypatrick when the anti stall device on his Escort Cosworth WRC kicked in, but he still set a very good time and is holding 7th o/a. Emma McKinstry reported that there is still something wrong with the brakes of her Subaru. There is some sort of snatching thing happening and the car is handling very unpredictably.

Dominic McNeill is just outside the leaderboard on 14.10 and he said that it is 5 years since he competed on this rally, although it is his local event. It is 2 and a half years since Dominic has been in a rally car! There is no sign of Colm McFall’s Escort WRC at the end of stage 3. Some other times included: Ian Cochrane on 14.07: Cyril Doherty 14.28: Alan Carmichael is starting to speed up and is on 14.21: Tommy O’Connell has got ahead of Phillip Hunter and Trevor Moore on a total of 14.26. Moore is on 14.29 and Hunter on 14.31. Kieron Graffin is another starting to speed up and his total is 14.34. Colin Britton is just outside the leaderboard on 14.03.
More news later: BRIAN & LIZ PATTERSON (with thanks to Michael Patterson): www.rallynews.net

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