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20130415-213138.jpgWelcome to the New Digital Download Page for Patterson Pacenotes. This a digital option for the Notes in PDF format.  This is no longer a direct download service. After a year of trials, we have found that the best option is to order through the conventional manner and request the digital download which we will then confirm payment and send a link vis email within 24 hours to download the notes.

Current Events.

Wales Rally GB

Events by request:   Some events will not be made available for general download. In this case a request by email must me made to Email

Important Information. The Notes are in PDF format which can be easily read and printed with any type of PDF reader. We recommend Adobe PDF reader which easily available online for download. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they handle the information in the correct way and that it is their responsibility to bind the notes in the correct order and check thoroughly that the finished book is fit for purpose. This cannot be stressed enough and we take no responsibility for the notes once they have been downloaded and furthermore once the download has been completed it will in effect be the equivalent of signing our indemnity. As Follows:

I, the downloader, acknowledge that I have read the introduction to these notes and understand the advice contained therein.  I accept that no liability is attached to the author of these notes or the organising club, in the event of accident or injury arising during the course of the event or at any time.

I further undertake that I will not photocopy or otherwise cause to be reprinted these notes for the use of any other person.


The onus is on you to check starts/finishes/junctions/chicanes etc. We comply when making the notes with the original information supplied by the organisers, but cannot guarantee on the day of the rally that the set-up will be exactly the same. In downloading these notes you have agreed to the terms therein, accepting that there is no liability attached to the event organisers, or the author, and further that you will not reproduce or copy these notes for use by any other person, or for the use at any other time than the rally signed for. If for any reason you do not agree with any of these terms, by dint of using the notes you are deemed to have agreed to the conditions. If you are not happy with this, please return these notes before the rally and apply for a refund. Please remember, copying these notes without permission is theft. Above all, please be reminded that your safety and those whom you may affect by your actions is solely and completely your own responsibility, nobody else’s.


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