copy-Blogheader1.gif was our original website, developed in the late 1990’s as an online platform for our well known hard copy printed RallyNews service. How things change and the internet has changed things alot. The main site now gets around 100k hits a day when we are on event and even we find that amazing. Along with this, our other online business, Patterson Pacenotes, has become and continues to be the most widely used route note supplier within the UK and Ireland.

It seems people are interested in how it works and other things like that. So this is our blog site where hopefully, we can keep the site updated with some of the things that wouldn’t normally be included in main web site. We are always looking for feedback, so feel free to stay in touch and keep us up to date with your thoughts and comments.

Hopefully it will provide a new and slightly different look at what we normally do, with some different news, views, images and surprises planned.

While our normal RallyNews service will continue on our main site, we have felt for some time, that we could expand a little, and give a more colourful account of the day to day comings and goings that we encounter.

It might or might not work out but we think that it can be worth a go. If you have anything interesting going on whether its on-event, before or after, please get in touch and maybe we can put a little story on the blog.

The RallyNews Team. More News Later …..