Cavan Stages 2018.

Welcome to the restricted Digital Download Page for the above event. Below are different options available. The embedded video can be streamed at any time as long you are online. If you are using a mobile or tablet, it will play by default in SD (standard definition) with an option for HD. If using a desktop computer, you have the option to download in either SD or HD to your hard drive (further details below). Depending on your browser, clicking the download link may result in the video playing in a new tab instead of downloading the file to your computer. Don’t panic! If this occurs:

For Windows users: Right-click on the link and choose “Save as” or “Save target as.”

For Mac users: Hold down the Control key on your keyboard and click the link, then choose “Save link as” or “Download linked file.”


Cavan 2018-Digital Video

Cavan 2018-Digital Video

    Click Here to download in HD.

    Click Here to download in SD.

    The video files in are encoded in MP4/m4v format.
    Download to a computer (MAC/PC) Only. Do not try and download to either a tablet or mobile device.
    NB: The MP4/m4v format means it will play on any apple device and as a rule any other device there after (iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, Windows and Andriod) but only after it has been synced with your main computer.

    Digital download files will remain online up until the rally. Due to the large file sizes they will be removed shortly after each event.

    We recommend Quicktime or VLC as a movie player for mp4/m4v video files.
    Download quicktime for free from here
    Download VLC for free from here

    If you plan to use a mobile or tablet device it is recommended that you download a PC/Mac copy to your main computer first and then sync the video file after with either Itunes or Andriod sync. That way you have a permanent copy on your device. We do not recommend that you download directly to your device. It will almost certainly not work.  When you purchase a digital download you will be sent a confirmation email that will have a link embedded in it that will take you to the zip file at an encrypted on line location.  Hopefully if it all works correctly, the file will automatically download to your downloads folder. Depending on the file size, and your connection  speed, be patient, and hopefully you will be able to use the file on any computer and also sync it with either iTunes or Android devices. Each transaction is limited to 5 downloads. If you exceed this you will be denied access to any further downloads.

    Download VLC Player
    Download Quicktime Player (This is also included with iTunes)
    Good Luck