Willie Loughman Memorial Rally – Sample Video

The sunny southeast stood up to its name this week when we made the Patterson Pacenotes for the forthcoming Willie Loughman Memorial Rally. Despite the dreadful snow that was bringing the north of the country to a standstill, the Waterford based stages have escaped the bad weather and we had a very nice day in which to get our recce done. Some light snow showers came and went during the day but they were only passing through.

COC Andrew Purcell has really put a superhuman effort into his route. New stages are hard to find but the former national champion co-driver has done just that. Without divulging too much information, we thought the new stages are great. We will give a more in-depth assessment next week in Irish Notes but for now we have put together a small sample video for your enjoyment. Watch in 480p for the best results.