ALMC, Nicky Grist, Lurgan Pk & Sligo Status Update

Every now and then, we like to do an update on the status of the notes. It is a pretty busy time at the moment and with so many events on, here is how things stand on Monday, 29 July.

ALMC Stages.

We are still posting notes for the ALMC Stages, and this will continue up until Wednesday, 1st July. As the event is a counting round of the RIES MSA Asphalt Rally Championship, most of the crews have already received their notes by mail order. If you still require notes for the rally please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will get them dispatched. There will be some notes available at signing on on Saturday morning, but unfortunately no special orders will be available.

Lurgan Park.

We got the Lurgan Park notes made at the end of last week. The first batch of notes and DVDs were posted on Friday. We will continue to post up until Thursday, and of course notes and DVDs can be collected from our office during normal business hours. We will have notes available at signing on in the park on Friday evening and first thing on Saturday morning, but should you require a special order, once again please get in touch and we can get things sorted out for you.

Nicky Grist Stages.

The Nicky Grist notes were made last week, and we can report the stage are in great shape for the next round of the BTDRA Championship. There are a few new bits and pieces which are very interesting, but we don’t want to give too much away.
We are in the process of finalising the checking process and we will be posting out on schedule on Thursday 2nd July and if possible a little earlier if we can.

Sligo Stages.

We are planning to make the Sligo notes this week and providing all goes well, the first batch of notes will be despatched on Friday 3rd July.

For any of the above events, please contact us on (+44) 028 90 844111 or go to our website and order online at