Donegal Rally 2017 – Pacenotes Insight.

With the Donegal Rally fast approaching, we thought we would give a quick insight into the Patterson Pacenotes for one of the classic Donegal rally stages. The Atlantic Drive test has been running for many year’s and offers the crews a a hugely demanding challenge over the narrow twisting roads in the north of Donegal, this is offset with stunning views and of course the wild Atlantic lapping close to road in places. We have included a full set of notes for the stage and a full video. The video is recorded when are checking/making the notes so if you listen carefully, you will hear the notes being called initially, and if required, the driver makes some adjustments and that is reflected in the final notes. The roads for the Atlantic drive this year have seen some improvements, and in places, there are some big upgrades to the notes. The video is made using the descriptive notes and it is interesting to see the video working with notes. We have also included both the Numbered notes system and the 6 Fastest system to give an idea. Wether you are a competitor or fan – enjoy one the Donegal Rallies finest stages.

Descripitve Notes

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Descriptive Notes for download.
Numbered Notes for download.
6 Fastest Number 1st Notes for download.