Cork “20” International Rally Cancellation


Cork “20” International Rally

The Cork “20” International Rally, organised by the Munster Car Club that was scheduled to take place on September 26/27 next has been cancelled in the light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Further to relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions in relation to travel and meetings, the board of directors of the Munster Car Club Limited convened a meeting to discuss the 2020 Cork “20” International Rally.

During the course of the meeting that was attended by all of the directors, every aspect of the event was analysed and debated in great detail. Following the discussions it was evident that the only reasonable course of action was to cancel the event.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our title sponsor and associate sponsors for their support and understanding of all the issues. We wish to pay tribute to the residents along the route of the rally, Cork County Council and the Gardai, with whom we engage on an annual basis.

We also want to express our appreciation to the competing crews that have supported our events overmany years. Thanks also to ancillary sponsors, programme advertisers, marshals, officials and rally fans fortheir support.

We are aware of how difficult life is during the Coronavirus pandemic, we ask you all to stay safe and followall the guidelines.

Points of Information: The key issues discussed at the meeting were:

  • To ensure the continuation of the goodwill we enjoy from the residents along the rally route.
  • How we were going to engage with the residents (PR) prior to the event without placing any person at risk.
  • How we were to address large groups of people congregating in remote areas.
  • The safety of residents, competitors, marshals, officials and spectators.
  • The logistics and actual planning an event of the magnitude of the Cork “20” International Rally in the current time frame.

We look forward to more positive days ahead and we are already planning our 2021 events.

Kevin O’Riordan,

Clerk of the Course.

Colman Hegarty

Chairman, Munster Car Club