Grizedale Stages – Google Earth Files

This weekend the Grizedale Stages offers competitors and spectators alike, one of the last chances to get into some classic rally territory before the end of the year. The Lake district offers up some of the best stages in the UK and with the event being oversubscribed, it really is proving it’s popularity. Below is a short Google Earth video of the Jemba Stage Traces while the Google Earth can be download also. Good luck to everyone involved in the rally tomorrow and stay safe.


Download – Grizedale GE Files


Please Note. The Google Earth files are contained in a zip file. If you are using a computer, they will be downloaded to your downloads folder and can then be opened with Google Earth. For mobile/iPhone/iPad users – you will be asked to “open in” an app like iFiles or Evernote etc. You must do this and then unzip the files. After this the files can be opened in Google Earth. It seems a long way around but it is worth it. It is assumed that you have installed both a file viewer & Google Earth beforehand. If not they are all available via the App Store and the Android Play Store.