Patterson Pacenotes – Digital Downloads

This is just a very brief post to confirm that the Patterson Pacenotes Digital Downloads service is now live on-line in test/beta format.

Due to the increasing overseas demand for portable digital formats for the Patterson Pacenotes DVD, it was a logical step forward to offer the same service to all our valued clients.

Over the last few months we have developed and tested various formats and interfaces and have provisionally came to a starting format. It is very much work in progress, and it will be fine tuned as time moves on.

To start with, we will offer MP4 versions of our DVD. In our opinion, it is the most versatile format. It is Apple native and is also universally used within the PC and Android business. It is unlikely that this format will change as it primarily iPad/iPhone based, and that is the most difficult to cater for.

Patterson Pacenotes themselves (ie The Printed Notes) in digital format are not yet available for direct online purchase. While we have the ability to do it, we will continue to supply in a bespoke environment only. In other words, you will have to contact us directly to make any arrangements. In the future, it will become available, but with some restrictions.

Please feel free to leave a comment or suggestion. We know that most people looking at this are already Patterson Pacenote customers, and we would love your feedback and thoughts. You only have to register to give us your thoughts, or email us directly.

To check out the new Digital Download page – Click here