Swansea Bay Rally. A Short Sample Video

This is, once more, one of our short but sweet little blogs.

The Swansea Bay Rally was once, one of the great national rally’s, and in recent year’s it has fallen into decline.

Bad weather, a reduction in entries, the collapse of ANCRO and a whole load of other factors have led to the Swansea Bay organisers having to reflect on their past but accepting the future. So they have rejigged everything and have delivered a really good club/national B event.

The Walters Arena project is right on their doorstep, and with some skilful management, the experienced heads have put together a rally with a really great format, good stages, and a great compact feel to you the rally.

It should be a great little rally.

We have put together a little video to check out before.
Click here for the link.


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