McAree forced out.

Monaghan cousins Vincent and JP McAree have reluctantly had to withdraw from both this Saturday’s Fivemiletown Spring Rally and the following week’s Moonraker Forestry. Driver Vincent suffered a broken ankle while playing football recently, the injury forcing this top gravel crew onto the subs bench for the time being.

The McAree engineering team are considered to be serious contenders for this season’s Valvoline Forestry Championship and plan to be back as soon as is possible.

Moonraker Forest Notes

Moonraker Forestry notes made and finished yesterday. The Munster MC&CC have taken a new more compact approach to the rally route and it should prove a success. With only two stage locations incorporating six stages, one stage done twice, then a complete variation and the other stage done three times, coupled with a single central service it has all the right ingredients to be a resounding success.

As a result of the compact stages we have reduced the price of the notes Euro 35.00 from the normal 40.00 Euro price in line with the recent Mini Stage event in West Limerick.

Notes and DVD’s will begin posting tomorrow Thurs 21st and can be ordered online via the following link:

The New RallyNews Blog

Welcome to the new RallyNews Blog.

So this is our new blog site where hopefully, we can keep the site updated with some of the things that wouldn’t normally be included in our main web site. It is a new and slightly different look at what we normally do, with some different news, views, images and surprises planned.

While our normal RallyNews service will continue on our main site, we have felt for some time, that we could expand a little, and give a more colourful account of the day to day comings and goings that we encounter.

It might or might not work out but we think that it can be worth a go. If you have anything interesting going on whether its on-event, before or after, please get in touch and maybe we can put a little story on the blog.