Circuit of Munster – A Sample Video of the Limerick Racecourse Stage


The forthcoming Circuit of Munster organisers have been working tirelessly on this year’s rally. As a non Dunlop National Championship event this year, the Motorclub have picked a great route that is, on the one hand, very compact, but very also a real challenge. The main body of the rally will be two stages in a very compact loop with the starts and finish of both stages within just a short distance of each other. The third stage in the leg will be at Limerick Racecourse.

A few year’s ago the club ran a rally sprint at the venue but it was more of a gravel based event then. We did RallyNews there and if it was interesting to look back at our bulletins then. The online service was very much in its infancy in 2001 but it still gives all the information and it was live even then. Oh how we struggled with mobile phone data connections and all the technicalities of working in remote locations. Anyway, here is a link to the 2001 Greenmount Rally Sprint – Click Here.

Twelve years on and the place has been transformed from the point of view of the rally stage. The stage is now full asphalt and will give competitors a real opportunity to showcase themselves as the stage winds around the perimeter road and finishes right next to the racecourse Grandstand. The venue is blessed with some fantastic facilities and it should prove be a great base for the 2013 Circuit of Munster. Above is a short video when we made the Patterson Pacenotes for the rally and it includes the whole of the Greenmount Racecourse stage plus a little sample from the other stages. We hope you enjoy.